Mainstream Performance. Upgraded, and Always by Your Side.

Introducing the Dependable Radeon™ PRO W6400 GPU.

Delivering 4 GB of High-Performance Memory, Hardware Raytracing, Optimizations for 2 Ultra-HD HDR Displays, Accelerated Software Multi-Tasking, PCIe® 4.0 for Advanced Data Transfer Speeds, and Certifications for Many Popular Applications.

All as Standard with AMD Radeon PRO W6400 Graphics.

Welcome to All-Round Performance.

Welcome to Affordability, and Upgraded Dependability.

Select the Below Hotspots to Learn About the Premium AMD Radeon™ PRO W6800.

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Wait. Some Software Doesn’t Need a High-End GPU? This is Created For Those Moments (and Budgets).

This GPU has been carefully crafted for all-around performance, while staying oh-so-affordable. These two elements combined make it ideal for mainstream software demands.

Our clever engineers made sure this PRO GPU has all the features you need, and none of the features you probably won’t. Although, with workflows always changing and software becoming more graphics intensive we made certain it can keep up with the demands of today, but also made sure you aren’t paying for features you’re unlikely to use tomorrow.

This GPU is engineered to be super-affordable, while never cutting corners.

What’s Not Included is as Vital as What’s Included. Don’t Pay for What You Won’t Use.

Over half of PRO users only use one monitor, so we removed expensive connectors and optimized it for two modern HDR, Ultra-HD and Ultrawide displays. With full size DisplayPort™ outputs to allow for effortless display connection in a carefully condensed form, we made sure this GPU is easy to connect a display to - while also bringing the cost down further by removing connectors you typically don’t use, without comprising functionality and compatibility.

Hello Smooth 4K Viewports. Goodbye Stuttering Frames.

4K resolutions are very popular with our PRO users, but no one likes a viewport that stutters, which is why we developed unique features that dynamically adjust your viewport to help it go faster than you ever thought possible. By dynamically optimizing and carefully balancing your applications resolution and performance, viewports can now be speedier for common movement tasks like rotating, orbiting and navigating.

Radeon PRO Viewport Boost currently works with a number of select applications1 and continues to significantly improve interactivity, while keeping an eye on image quality.

Comparative Graphics Performance with Viewport Boost. Larger is Faster.2

ON in Autodesk® Revit®
OFF in Autodesk® Revit®
ON in Epic Twinmotion®
OFF in Epic Twinmotion®

4 GB of Super-Fast Memory. Your Gateway to Greater Content.

Using modern, high-performing GDDR6 memory, this GPU offers the potential to work with bigger files than comparable light-workload GPUs. With the ability to load large content into memory, and open multiple applications, this GPU is built for today’s modern professional worker.

Jump into those projects knowing that this GPU is always by your side.

Its Super-Power? It Needs Little Power.

This GPU makes upgrading your existing system easy. Often a GPU needs a dedicated external power connector, but this one is designed to be powered from the system’s standard PCIe® slot, along the base of the card. This means it can go into any compatible workstation system and start working its graphics magic almost immediately.

AMD Radeon PRO Graphics brings the Wow.

Rock-Solid Drivers. For Those Fluid (or Deadline-Rushed) Workflows.

With Radeon PRO Graphics you are not only getting a premium hardware experience, you are also receiving a solid driver experience. Advanced, enterprise-grade features include boosted viewports, remote working3, security and industry leading professional software certifications as standard.

Making the third-party software you love faster, and the experience more stable.

Generational Leaps. (Basically, It’s Fast.)

Using our latest astonishing graphics architecture, we’ve taken performance further. As your projects get bigger, and more demanding, your GPU can keep pushing workloads towards that impending deadline. With the right hardware, there’s no reason for those deadlines to be as scary as they once were.

Graphics Architecture Performance Advancements. Larger is Faster.4.

AMD RDNA™ Compared to GCN
AMD RDNA™ 2 Compared to RDNA™

Astonishingly Responsive. Dependable. And Super-Speedy. Discover the Upgraded Radeon PRO Experience.

This is what a mainstream GPU should offer you, from the use of premium components, dependable enterprise-grade software to the optimizations and certifications for many popular industry applications. Our PRO GPUs are purpose built to deliver outstanding performance and reliability, at a reasonable price.

2 Bracket Possibilities Included. Flexibility Offered as Standard.

This card is designed for flexibility and ease of mounting into your choice of a new or existing workstation. As workstations evolve and different form factors appear, the bracket to secure the GPU needs to change too. To support this we include two helpful bracket options in the box. One for small form factors, the other for standard chassis. Changing it is super-simple, quick and convenient.

These bracket choices ensure your card is stable in the chassis. The advanced drivers already keep it stable with your software.

Energy Efficient Today. A Sustainable Tomorrow.

With Intelligent power management, this GPU only uses the power it needs. Reducing your carbon footprint is something just about everyone is thinking about in today’s eco-conscious world – although saving power doesn’t just save money by lowering electricity costs, it also helps combat the threat posed by global climate change.

Year-Over-Year Performance Gains. Larger is Better.5

Radeon™ PRO Software for Enterprise 21.Q4 vs 20.Q4.

Catia-06 Viewset
Up to 45%
Creo-03 Viewset
Up to 22%
Total Geomean Performance Average
Up to 8%

Like What You See So Far? Want Mobility Too?

With this latest GPU we also heavily invested in PRO mobile offerings to make sure you didn’t have to be tied to your desk to get great performance. If you are a roadside warrior who expects portability, combined with reliability and excellent power efficiencies, then explore these two options.

Our GPU and Your Software. A Perfect Match.

Discover How the AMD Radeon PRO W6400 Performs in These Common, Demanding Applications.

Expand the below sections. And expand your performance possibilities.

Video Conferencing.

Collaboration. GPU Assisted.

Working life has changed. Everyone has to collaborate with a vast range of intensive video and audio tools now. And doing it quicker, without any glitches is now expected. To cope with these demands, the GPU is the default option for hardware accelerating and collaborating many video conferencing tools successfully.

Discover what an all-round, affordable GPU can do for your next call.

Larger is Better. Relative Performance6,7 of Video Conferencing Tasks at 4K.

Radeon PRO W6400 vs Previous Gen
100 %
AMD vs Competitive Equivalent
123 %
100 %
0 %
30 %
60 %
90 %
120 %
150 %
180 %

Autodesk® AutoCAD®.

Draft. Annotate. Finish Quicker.

Draft, annotate and design in 2D or 3D like a superhero, knowing that your graphics are certified, offering reliability, stability and performance. As screens and designs get larger, faster graphics hardware and more memory is needed to help ensure your project files can keep up with your design skills.

Using the right GPU helps you to do it all speedier than you envisioned.

Larger is Better. Relative Autodesk AutoCAD Productivityat 4K.

Radeon PRO W6400
Up to 409 %
Radeon PRO WX 3200 (Previous Gen)
100 %
0 %
48 %
96 %
144 %
192 %
240 %
288 %
336 %
384 %
432 %
480 %
528 %

Web Browsing Tasks.

Daily Reliability.

Browsing the internet for information or imagery with lots of software open in the background now feels a necessary part of any profession, but is one area that can get overlooked in performance tests. Many browsers don’t use the full power of a GPU, but we want to make sure that with each generational improvement and higher screen resolutions our multi-tasking GPUs deliver consistent performance. You don’t need a high-end GPU to take advantage of great performance for those overlooked but essential daily tasks.

Necessary GPU Performance. Necessary Reliability.

Larger is Better. Relative Performanceof Web Browsing at 4K.

Radeon PRO W6400
Radeon PRO WX 3200 (Previous Gen)
100 %
0 %
20 %
40 %
60 %
80 %
100 %
120 %
140 %
160 %
180 %
200 %

Microsoft Office 365®.

Productivity. Powered-Up.

With a suite of apps that help you get the common jobs done, Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint, are now standard tools for many workers. But did you know they were GPU accelerated? It’s likely you have them open now, along with many other apps, all fighting for the same computer resources. This multitasking scenario is where our GPUs excel.

Get more done with our GPUs. Multitasking enabled by default.

Larger is Better. Relative Spreadsheet Productivity7 at 4K.

Radeon PRO W6400
Up to 104%
Competitive Equivalent GPU

McNeel Rhinoceros®.

Free-Form Quicker. Finish Sooner.

Rhinocerous has built its reputation on free-from modelling of complex shapes and structures. But the hardware you use it on can limit that complexity. With this latest GPU, the cost of realizing these designs can be reduced, but not at the cost of accuracy and stability.

Reduce display lag and improve performance of complex models.

Larger is Better. Relative Mesh, Object & Model Data Stress Tests at 4K10,11.

Radeon PRO W6400 vs Previous Gen
Up to 187%
AMD vs Competitive Equivalent
Up to 124%

Adobe® Creative Cloud®.

Create. Design. Crafted Sooner.

Creative Cloud is a collection of 20+ software apps for a range of creative tasks, including industry standard tools like Adobe Photoshop® for image editing and Adobe InDesign® for elegant layouts. The GPU takes an important role in accelerating select common creative tools with it accelerating the computationally intensive and complex design features.

Unleash your GPU. Unleash your creativity.

Larger is Better. Relative Adobe Photoshop® Productivity12,14 at 4K.

Radeon PRO W6400 vs Previous Gen
AMD vs Competitive Equivalent
Up to 106%

Rendering & Visualization.

Powerful Workflows. Hardware Reliant.

Built to aid all areas of your product development process, an all-round, affordable GPU can often be all that’s needed for typical workloads, allowing you to reinvest savings into other areas of your system for improved performance. With hardware raytracing now supported on this GPU you can now even take advantage of photoreal visualization tools to take that project to the next level.

Hardware raytrace rendering as standard.

Larger is Better. Relative Performance15 of Common Rendering & Visualization Tasks at 4K.

Radeon PRO W6400
Up to 138%
Radeon PRO WX 3200 (Previous Gen)

Image Editing.

GPU Enhanced.

Whether it’s for work or play, your phone camera or your professional camera, or even an image off the internet, having beautiful imagery around us can help to improve our daily lives (and even those last-minute presentations). Having the right GPU by your side allows you to get this imagery crafted faster, allowing you more time to enjoy creating those moments and memories (and of course photographed.)

Beautiful Images. But Quicker.

Larger is Better. Relative Performance15 of Image Editing at 4K.

Radeon PRO W6400
Up to 131%
Radeon PRO WX 3200 (Previous Gen)

Premium Design. Affordable Price.

AMD Radeon PRO W6400 Offers the Best of a Mainstream GPU, with Professional Components, Features and Certifications. As Standard.

Software Certifications. Software Stability.

Certifications are not something that should be taken for granted, which is why we put them at the core of our GPUs. Certifications offer solid reliability, stability, and dependability when that critical project deadline looms over you.

We worry about them, so you don’t have to.

AMD Secure Processor. Helping Protect Your Data.

As part of security by design, AMD integrates dedicated security hardware in the GPU, which acts as a Hardware Root of Trust, creating a foundational layer of graphics hardware security.

Taking Security Seriously.

Whichever Way You Look At It. You See Premium Design.

Discover How the AMD Radeon PRO W6400 Performs in These Common, Demanding Applications.

Expand the below sections. And expand your performance possibilities.

Hardware Raytracing. Rendering Unshackled.

Built from the ground up, with the proven graphics foundation of the leading games consoles. AMD RDNA™ 2 Hardware Raytracing is now available for professional graphics.

Graphics Architecture Explained.

Engineered from the ground-up, the underlying AMD RDNA 2 architecture is the proven graphics foundation of leading gaming consoles, delivering a broad range of premium features including hardware raytracing support.

Professional Graphics Explained.

Modern workstation users demand performance, stability, image quality and software certifications for increased productivity, while using more graphically intense applications than ever before. Discover how the entire AMD Radeon PRO graphics range answers this challenge.

Crushing Bottlenecks. Leveraging the ‘Zen’ Architecture.

Introducing the all-new AMD Infinity Cache™ technology. Enabling high bandwidth at low power and low latency.

Helping to remove data bottlenecks in your projects.

High-Speed Data Transfer. Ready For Your Next Challenge.

ext Generation PCI® Express 4.0 Technology that Delivers a New Standard in Bandwidth Performance. Forging the Ultimate Data Transfer Experience.

Meticulously Engineered. For Your Modern Workstation Needs.

Our GPUs are designed for 24/7 use in modern professional environments. This extends to the physical design of the GPU where the predictable heat generated when under full load is carefully exhausted out the back. And not into your powerhouse of a machine.

We keep cool (and quiet), so you can keep your cool when things get hot..

Windows® 11. Supported. Latest Graphics Performance. Enabled.

We are proud of our long collaboration with Microsoft®, to build upon the innovation and modern experience you expect. Microsoft Windows® 11 is compatible with this GPU, and supports the latest features for improved performance, and trusted reliability.


Realtime Ready.

Large Project Ready.

Driving exceptional performance in realtime and VR applications. You have the freedom to create larger files, explore bigger worlds, turn on all the settings, and add more textures and polygons for a bigger and better experience11. Discover rapid realtime rendering.


Open Standards.

Open Possibilities.

The latest GPU family supports the Vulkan® API, used in new generation 3D applications. Helping you to load larger models and load them quicker.


Ultimate Hardware Raytracing.

Ultimate API Support.

Microsoft DirectX® 12 Ultimate API allows software, particularly realtime applications, to take advantage of graphic card hardware acceleration. DirectX 12 Ultimate is the latest standard for the next generation of Xbox consoles as well as Windows®-based PCs. Supported by the latest AMD RDNA 2 graphics architecture.

2K. 4K. 8K. Ultrawide. You Decide.

Optimized for multiple displays, Ultra-High Definition (UHD), High Dynamic Range (HDR) and Ultrawide resolutions, we help ensure the GPU is up to whatever monitor choice you make.

Even if you want to use 10-bit for truer colors with Quad-Buffer 3D Stereo.

Pixels never looked so real.

Welcome To Exceptional Performance.

AMD Radeon PRO W6400 Graphics.

“Our users are constantly looking for new ways to take their visualizations to the next level. Collaborating with AMD, a company that's pushing the boundaries of rendering technology, just made sense.”

Sandra Winstead, Director, Product Management, TRIMBLE SKETCHUP.

“AMD is back strongly competitive in the high-end GPU market and we recommend the entire 6000 series for its performance often superior to the competition.”

Giuseppe Pizza, Graphics & Visualization Manager, ACCA SOFTWARE.

“DxO PhotoLab features DxO DeepPRIME, the advanced AI algorithm, leveraging a modern GPU with masses of dedicated memory and an advanced architecture. Like those from AMD.”

Marc Alexia, VP, Marketing & Product Strategy, DxO PHOTOLAB.

“The SOLIDWORKS graphics team and AMD are collaborating to achieve the very best Viewport quality. For this we chose real-time Raytracing using Vulkan.“

SSiddharth Palaniappan, Director of Graphics and Advanced Visualizing, Dassault Systèmes SOLIDWORKS.


Premium Packaging. Shouldn’t Cost the Earth.

We believe in limiting our impact on the planet, and this latest packaging provides an impressive 49% reduction in its volume and resultant raw materials17. It is, of course, now fully recyclable too.

We believe this is a necessity. Not a choice.

32GB, 8GB or 4GB. You Choose.

Part of the Radeon PRO W6000 Series is offering a choice of form factors and dedicated memory options for your professional software needs.

(And your budget.)

Not Sure Which GPU is Right for Your Software?

Use this Interactive Selector to help choose the GPU that matches your main software needs in just three easy clicks. Pick your industry. Select your software. Get a recommendation.



  • Tiến Trình Sản XuấtTSMC 6nm FinFET
  • Bộ Xử Lý Dòng768
  • Đơn Vị Tính Toán12
  • Hiệu Suất Chính Xác 1/2 (FP16) Cao Nhất7.07 TFLOPs
  • Hiệu suất Chính xác Đơn (FP32)3.5 TFLOPs
  • Hỗ Trợ Hệ Điều HànhWindows 11 - 64-Bit Edition
    Windows 10 - 64-Bit Edition
    Linux x86_64

Bộ Nhớ GPU

  • Loại Bộ NhớGDDR6
  • Infinity Cache16 MB
  • Giao Diện Bộ Nhớ64-bit
  • Băng Thông Bộ NhớLên Tới 128 GB/s
  • Hỗ Trợ Bộ Nhớ ECCKhông

Thông Số Kỹ Thuật Của Bo Mạch

  • Bus TypePCIe® 4.0 x4 (3.0 Backward Compatible)
  • TGP50W
  • CoolingActive

Cổng Kết Nối

    Additional Features

    • Supported TechnologiesAMD FSR
      AMD Viewport Boost
      AMD Remote Workstation
      AMD Radeon™ Media Engine
      AMD Radeon™ PRO Software
      AMD Radeon™ VR Ready Creator
      AMD Eyefinity Technology (Professionals)
      AMD Radeon™ ProRender
    • 10-bit Display Color Output
    • 3D Stereo Support

    Software API Support

    • OpenGL®4.6
    • OpenCL™2.2
    • Vulkan®1.2

    Product Basics

    • Loại Sản PhẩmAMD Radeon™ PRO W6000 Series
    • PlatformDesktop
    • Ngày Ra Mắt19/01/2022

    Yêu Cầu